The successful implementation of this project will produce a number of useful and innovative results.

Three (3) fuzzy logic powered tools will be deployed to be incorporated in well-known SaaS platforms used for energy management to further improve decision making related to smart fault detection and diagnostics as well as intelligent predictive maintenance of basic equipments.

The first tool, the so-called expertFDD analyser, will be a core fault detection and diagnostics tool related to common building equipment, such as HVACs, PV plants, pumps, etc., enhancing ongoing monitoring-based commissioning of building systems to save energy and extend equipment life.

The second tool, the so-called HVAC system optimizer, will be based on a fuzzy inference engine for optimizing HVAC system operation in order to increase comfort, reduce energy costs and shift peak demand.

The third tool, the so-called maintenance expert, will be a cost-effective maintenance tool to predict future maintenance needs on basic building equipment with the view of further optimizing its operation across time.

In addition some excellent theoretical results are expected. New control mechanisms using fuzzy logic will be developed:

  • fuzzy-based diagnostic routines for fault detection and diagnosis of various units of common building equipment, such as HVACs, PV plants, pumps, etc.,
  • a fuzzy inference engine for optimizing HVAC system operation, and
  • a fuzzy expert system to predict future maintenance needs of basic building equipment

In this perspective, the superiority of fuzzy logic controllers (FLCs) will be proved and properly disseminated. Some other additional outcomes are as follows:

  • development of smart building energy management technologies
  • implementation of technological advances on FDD of basic building equipment
  • deployment of fuzzy techniques for disaggregation of cloud based energy loads into high level consumption categories
  • adoption of new trends in HVAC systems’ optimisation
  • application of expert reasoning to maintenance issues of basic building equipment
  • know-how transfer between the participating companies