GPM, founded in 2008, has a clear mission of researching and developing a unique strategy in reducing peak demand and saving money on electrical bills. Due to the high energy consumption in peak hours, most systems for light industrial and commercial industrial market, consume more energy on peak hours, the price for electricity is high, the waste of resources is tremendously high and are not able to manage energy in an affordable manner.

The company is highly specialised in HVAC efficiency control presenting the only integrated solution on the market today that uses a revolutionary technology to store, analyse and maximize the efficiency of energy consumption using cutting edge technology, algorithms and IoT. GreenOS™ is a comprehensive innovative solution that enables businesses to slash their electric bills by 10-40% by storing thermal energy in the buildings’ infra-structure, instead of in huge and costly ice tanks. Using a series of simple sensors and controllers, proprietary learning algorithms and a user friendly interface, GreenOS™ follows the thermal behaviour of the users, calculates the thermal capacity of the building, analyses the thermal behaviour and capacity, builds optimized operating profiles for efficient operation, stores thermal energy in the buildings’ infra-structure, optimizes operations and, in effect, cuts the electricity bills.

GreenOS™ applications include, among others, office buildings, logistic centres and warehouses, refrigeration rooms, etc. GPM, participating in this project, will have the opportunity to work together with highly experienced international staff in the provision of expert intelligence tools to be incorporated in its commercial energy management platform for proactive energy management in buildings to further optimize energy savings. From this viewpoint, by strengthening its energy management tools for optimal HVAC system operation in the future, it will broaden its commercial horizons and empower its position in the global market as provider of integrated solutions in energy saving for commercial and residential buildings.