Meazon will be based on its energy meters & sensors products that provide second-accurate, real-time breakdown of energy consumption flows. Its circuit-level meters are ready-set for the ever demanding world of cloud energy efficiency. They are perfectly adapted for limited cabinet space and can be fitted in almost all electrical panels at high density. Besides ZigBee wireless mesh connectivity permits effective positioning of its meters in a building. Furthermore, Meazon will also make use of its energy analytics & monitoringtools. Built on Windows Azure and Big Data technologies, Meazon Bizy Energy Analytics service allows customers to gain critical insights on raw energy consumption data. They enable energy auditing, visualisation, savings calculations, regression analysis and forecasting based on international energy efficiency standards (ASHRAE, IPMVP).

Meazon, through its involvement in this project, will have the opportunity to work together with highly experienced domestic and international staff in the provision of expert intelligence tools to be incorporated in its commercial energy management platform for proactive energy management in buildings to further optimize energy savings. In this perspective, by proliferating and customising its energy management tools in the future, it will broaden its commercial horizons and strengthen its position in the global market as provider of integrated solutions in energy saving for commercial and residential buildings.